Chief Executive Officer & Vice President

Scott became a father to Blake Daniel Foulk in 1995. He raised Blake as a single father until he met Charlotte Flaherty. Charlotte became a part of Blake’s life when Blake was about three years old.

Scott served almost 30 years as a volunteer with the local Sheriff’s Department in various divisions. It was while working with the Sheriff’s Department that Scott first had his eyes opened to the struggles that our first responders and law enforcement have to deal with every day. It is the invisible struggles that these men and women have to battle every day that really called to Scott’s heart to help. Before Blake’s passing, he and Scott were already putting the plans in motion to start a nonprofit to pay tribute to those who were struggling. After Blake’s passing, it received a name: the BDF Warrior Project. It is through the work of both Scott and Charlotte that BDF started taking shape.

Charlotte began her financial career in 2016. Since then, she has decided that homeschooling is where her heart lies. She homeschools their two daughters, Gracie and Kelsie, teaching them both traditional educational standards as well as implementing a Christian education into their day-to-day teachings. 

Scott has been in the financial sector for 25 years. While he is still working, Scott is now utilizing his tools as a business owner to honor the memory of his son. 

Blake was a graduate of the California National Guard Grizzley Youth Academy. 



Chief Operations Officer

As Chief Operations Officer of BDF Warrior Project, Bekah Whinery is in charge of the day-to-day operations and needs of the company. She is a graduate of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Communication. Bekah came to the BDF Warrior Project through Scott, who she was working for when BDF started taking shape. Bekah is married to her college sweetheart, Morgan Whinery, and the two of them enjoy spending their time at concerts, rodeos, and giving back to the community that they get to call home.




Ashley White is an experienced financial advisor and credit specialist. Driven by her desire to help her community, she takes pride in providing the best service possible to her clients. When Ashley is not working, she is raising two beautiful little girls with her husband, Justin.



Member of the Board

For over ten years, Justin White has been in the financial and credit literacy space. Justin is a powerful force in the workplace and uses his positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. Justin is inspired daily by Jesus, his wife, and his two daughters.



Members of the Board

Dan and Shelby have been married for 57 years. They currently make their home in Bakersfield, California. They are the parents to two children, Rhonda, who lives in Texas, and Scott, who lives in California. Both Rhonda and Scott have been blessed with three children of their own. Rhonda has three beautiful daughters, and Scott has two beautiful daughters and one son. Their grandson, Blake (the namesake of BDF Warrior Project) took his own life on April 1, 2020, truly the saddest day of their lives. 

Both Shelby and Dan had successful and challenging careers in their given trade, Dan in the information technology industry, and Shelby as a licensed respiratory therapist. Shelby worked tirelessly to get her college degree, and graduated in 1984, the same year their son Scott graduated from high school. Dan ultimately wound up working for an IBM Business Partner, providing sales assistance to the sales staff, and staffing a team of large mainframe technical support specialists for hire to their customers.

Dan and Shelby both love to travel, as can be seen in their picture that was taken in Sydney Harbor in 2014. These days, they enjoy traveling to see their children and grandchildren in their motorhome. 

Throughout the years, their grandson Blake lived with his grandparents for various reasons. At the time of his death, Blake had very recently moved out. Nothing in their lives was ever as traumatic as the loss of Blake. It is their hope that this organization can have a positive effect on some other young person who is loved as much as Blake was. 


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